The conception of Oasis was to create an accommodation that was both harmonious to our natural environment and effortless to the guest.

The vision was to create a place that allowed interaction and community values, alongside delivering the desire for luxury and being close to nature.

The pace of Oasis is set for relaxation, to slow down and to reconnect with yourself, your friends and family.

Staying in a Yurt reminds us of what is important, giving us the opportunity for simplicity. An avenue to evolve our relationship with nature and those around us which can often be forgotten in our everyday lives & routines.


A group of people who are similar in some way. A friendship between different people or groups, a sense of having something in common.

Community is about a healthy consideration for other people and being part of a bigger picture. Whilst staying at Oasis you become part of a community, sharing with and having consideration for your friends and family alongside the natural environment.


To create an opportunity for elementary interaction. To simply reconnect with your partner, family or friends, to share experiences and ever lasting create memories together.


An “Oasis” provides refuge, relief, or a welcomed contrast, a refreshing change to our everyday lives.

The Oasis property has an abundance of established natives trees and flora. Coinciding with our ongoing sustainability ambitions over 1000 additional native trees and shrubs have already been carefully planted in the past 3 years.

The landscape is continually evolving alongside our own learning and growth.

Friends playing Lawn Games 1
Mountain Bike Retreat 1
Engagement Party with Friends 1
Hiker on Isthmus Peak at sunset