The conception of Oasis was to create an accommodation that was both harmonious to our natural environment and effortless to the guest. Our core values in our vision was to create a place that allowed interaction and communication whilst respecting individual needs for intimacy and personal space. A stressless vacation encounter that was close to nature yet offered high end amenities to ensure comfort for all

The pace of Oasis is set for relaxation, to slow down, to reconnect with your partner, friends or family and to reawaken a consciousness towards both fellow humans and our environment.

Within many cultures the circle remains the symbol of unity, representing the entirety of all things and our connections within life. Our branding unifies these principles and the interwoven way of all life!

​Staying in a Yurt reminds us of what is important, giving us the opportunity for simplicity and to evolve our relationship with nature and those around us which can often be forgotten in our everyday lives & routines


Defined excellently by the good ole Oxford dictionary:

All the people who live in a particular area or place.
A group of people who are similar in some way.
Friendship between different people or groups, and a sense of having something in common.

Well that pretty much underpins what we are trying to create! Community is about a healthy consideration for other people and being part of a bigger picture. Whilst staying here at Oasis you become part of the Oasis community, we give you the opportunity for consideration of both your fellow travellers and our impact on our environment


By becoming part of the Oasis community we open a door for elementary interaction, perhaps to simply reconnect with your partner, family or friends that your arrived with or to share your experiences and your story with other guests that you meet. Whether you are from the local area, wider Aotearoa or around the globe, Oasis gives you a fantastic opportunity to discover, through conversation, other places, ideas and concepts of life and the processes within – perhaps just the best way to poach an egg!


The idea of Oasis is to create just that, an area of abundance of life within our often dry Otago climate. Over 1000 trees have been carefully hand planted by ourselves and those that have touched our lives in the past 2 years. Our landscape is continually evolving as we learn and grow from the people we meet and our time spent on the land. The Oasis property has been around for many years which means we are blessed with old established natives such as Kanuka, Cabbage trees and flax. These amazing species draw in our native, and non-native, birdlife and bees to create a hum of activity from dawn to dusk
Group playing game of Kubb on lawn by yurts at Oasis Yurt Lodge, Wanaka New Zealand
Group dining in communal dining & kitchen facilities at Oasis Yurt Lodge
Exterior of Yurt at Oasis Yurt Lodge, Wanaka New Zealand