Terms and Conditions of Stay

Oasis Yurt Lodge & The Shed Guesthouse

  • We ask that you pre-notify us of your arrival or estimated arrival time
  • Arrival is generally offered between 2pm and 8pm unless otherwise agreed
  • Oasis Yurt Lodge
    • To ensure you are comfortable with the facilities and fully enjoy your stay, we prefer where possible to personally greet you upon arrival.
  • The Shed Guesthouse
    • Self-check-in is common at The Shed Guesthouse, however where possible we will personally greet you upon arrival.
  • Full departure, unless pre-arranged is by 10am.
  • Oasis Yurt Lodge – Exclusive Hire
    • A late check-out of 11:30am can be added onto your stay, subject to availability, for $150.00
  • The Shed Guesthouse
    • A late check-out of 11:30am can be added onto your stay, subject to availability, for  $50.00/ room
Office Hours
  • Outside of check-in the owners or manager will be available, by phone or in person, daily between 9am – 5pm.
  • Outside of these hours we are available in an emergency. If a serious emergency requiring medical, fire or police assistance evolves please call 111 as your priority.


Changes in reservation
  • Any change in reservation term will be treated as a new booking and additional charges may apply. Any extension to a booking is subject to availability. Earlier departure than the reserved date will not result in a refund
  • No shows are treated as a cancellation. If the guests has not made contact by 8:00am the morning following due arrival, the rooms/ lodge will be re-released and no refund applicable
  • The maximum number of guests per property or room type is clearly specified on our website(s) and via all our online agent sites. Failure to book appropriate rooms or occupancy numbers for your group may result in members of your party being turned away and/or penalty charges.
  • Occupancy numbers includes all adults and children over 3 years old.
  • Infants under 3 years old can be accommodated FOC however they must be noted on your reservation.
  • If found that additional person(s) have stayed without our knowledge you may be required to find alternative accommodation for any remaining nights, no refund will be applicable, and a fee may be charged for the nights stayed without our acknowledgement.
  • Oasis Yurt Lodge – Exclusive Hire
    • For bookings exceeding 24 occupants overnight or for all bookings of a venue, event or function nature a separate contract of hire will be required to be signed.
    • Travel cots may be available for a $15.00 per stay fee, by pre-arrangement.
  • The Shed Guesthouse
    • Each room can hold a maximum of two occupants plus 1 infant under 3 years old.
    • Additional beds are not available
    • Travel cots may be available for a $15.00 per stay fee, by pre-arrangement.
  • As a self-catered Lodge & Guesthouse we implore you to use the kitchen facilities, however it is expected that the facilities be left in an “as found” condition. All dishes are to be properly washed, dried & put away. Surfaces and equipment are to be left clean & tidy. Any unnecessary cleaning incurred by our staff will incur a cleaning fee to the guest
  • As part of our sustainability pledge, we have a ‘request for towels and linen change’ policy
  • For stays exceeding 3 days we will discuss your requirements with you pre stay or upon arrival
  • For stays less than 3 days a linen and towel replenishment can be available for an additional fee.
  • If you prefer additional housekeeping to our general policies this can be available by pre-arrangement
  • General servicing of shared spaces & cleaning will occur between 10am & 12pm unless an alternative time is agreed by pre-arrangement
  • Oasis Yurt Lodge
    • The bathroom facilities will be cleaned daily during your stay
    • The guest is responsible for the cleaning of the kitchen facilities during their stay, staff will replenish towels, cloths and remove rubbish, compost & recycling no more than daily
  • The Shed Guesthouse
    • The ensuite bathroom facilities will be cleaned bi-daily during your stay
    • When booking the Guesthouse exclusively (i.e. both rooms) the guest is responsible for the cleaning of the kitchen facilities during their stay, our staff will replenish towels and cloths no more than daily


  • A general rule of thumb is a to keep noise to conversational levels between 10pm and 7am.
  • Noise from amplifiers and loudspeakers must always be kept to a moderate level and reduced to low between the above hours.
  • For non-event bookings outside speakers are not permitted after 10pm
  • Failure to comply with this condition may cause complaints to Noise Control which may result in the in the early closure of your function and/ or confiscation of equipment.
  • If noise complaints are received the guest is responsible for any fines incurred.
Smoking & fires
  • We are a smoke free property. Smoking, including vapours, is not permitted anywhere on the property! This includes inside the yurts, tipi, rooms, buildings or surrounding lawn areas. If the guest or their group are found to have infringed this policy, penalties and fees will apply.
  • Open fires, smoke machines and naked flames, includes candles, kerosene lamps and camp cookers are not permitted to be used


  • Visitors are permitted at our discretion and are not permitted overnight.
  • The registered guest is responsible for the behaviour of all visitors whilst on the property. All deliberate or reckless acts that result in damage to our property and any costs associated with inappropriate behaviour resulting in loss of income, will be charged to the registered guest.
Personal Possessions
  • Your personal possessions are always your own responsibility. This is regardless of whether items are in a locked room, communal area or in your own vehicle.
  • Food items and personal bathroom accessories found upon check-out will be disposed of immediately. Other items found onsite will be kept for 1 months after which it will be either be donated to Wanaka Wastebusters, a local charity or disposed of.
  • We can return property to you on receipt of a self-addressed prepaid postage pack.


  • The lead booker or hiree takes full liability for the actions of their guests or clients and agrees to pay for any associated damages and incidentals of both conscious and accidental incidents by themselves and their associated party being guests or clients.
  • The lead booker or hiree is responsible for any equipment, vehicles or supplies bought onto the Downdays Ltd and Downdays Partnership property that are owned by the hiree or have been hired or purchased elsewhere. Downdays Ltd and Downdays Partnership do not take any responsibility for the guests or hirees personal, hired or leased equipment and materials.
Online Payments and Security
  • Online transactions are provided through Stripe Secure Payment Gateway. You acknowledge and agree that internet transmissions are never entirely secure or private, and that any message or information you send to or through the Oasis Yurt Lodge website and while using online transactions (including credit card information) may be read or intercepted by others, even where a website is stated as being secure.
  • Downdays Ltd and Downdays Partnership shall have no liability for the interception or ‘hacking’ of any data through it’s website(s) or any other website by unauthorised third parties.
Credit Card
  • All reservations will require a valid personal credit-card to be provided upon check-in. Our policy is to hold credit-card details for any unreported breakages, damages, additional fees as highlighted above, or additional unnecessary cleaning – all of which will be charged against this card. Any outstanding expenses or room payments will also be charged. The lead guest acknowledges that

“On behalf of my group/ companions I acknowledge that I am personally liable for payment of any damages to the room, property and other guest possessions, both consciously or accidentally, by myself or my group; and that payment of liabilities & fines to non-compliance of our general Terms & conditions of stay can be charged to my credit-card. I have re-read & agreed to the terms & conditions of my/our stay”